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Best conversion rate

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System connected directly to PMS

Reservations instantly visible, availability and rates managed in real time.

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Automatically detects the user device

“Mobile-first”, identify and display content for a adapted format.

Time is our most precious resource. Automate your business!

Technology and marketing have created one of the most exhaustive hospitality software on the market – D-edge.

D-edge channel manager is a modular user-friendly hotel booking software, that offers a wide variety of products, depending on the business model. The system is very intuitive and reliable and allows you to develop your own set of rules to automate planning management and to update the information simultaneously on all distribution platforms.


  • Real-time availability control
  • Modular software structure
  • Functions depending on business model
  • Control over the online pricing strategy
  • Secure Cloud access
  • Individual user rights
  • More than 300 interfaces
  • Workflow automation.


    • Control Availabilities in real-time
    • Take quick actions
    • The SMART CHANNEL MANAGER module makes it possible to update the information simultaneously on all distribution platforms
    • It is easy to use on any device
    • Helps analyze competition and make fair pricing for your services depending on various factors
    • Can be interfaced with the hotel management software you are using
    • Helps monitor online reputation and analyze the feedback from clients
    • Intuitive graphical interface and easy to manage
    • Provides a user-friendly experience in usage.