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Hotel restaurant in a major account hotel

Combine sturdy and stylish hardware with powerful software.

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Continue the actions even if the internet is lost

Charge automatically all the changes when internet is available.

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Control inventory and prevent loss

Gives control of the stock, without needing to check the stores physically.

Offer your clients a modern user experience!

Be assured that you will be up to date to the latest innovations and developments.

Efficient and agile, the Oracle Hospitality POS merges data from multiple sources, compares financials results between locations and opens you the opportunity to negotiate better purchasing deals with your customers.

You can manage multiple operation style centrally, with this flexible restaurant back office software.


  • Flexibility and Consistent Customer Experience in the Cloud, without costly infrastructure and IT investments
  • Table management feature allows staff to manage reservations and waitlists  
  • Increase Engagement with Gift and Loyalty Functionality - can generate reports with valuable data and analytics, so you can measure your program’s success and make the changes as needed
  • Kitchen management functionality maximizes efficiency and quality  
  • Kiosk Integration
  • Integration to online ordering and payment applications
  • Powerful reporting for comprehensive real-time data accessible by mobile
  • Automatic combo recognition feature increases order entry speed
  • Multilanguage and currency support.


    • Every POS terminal within your business can be updated from a central location — giving complete control over menus, pricing, and promotions
    • Due to central location, your restaurant can have a consistent guest and brand experience, while removing the dependency on a property expert at every location
    • Maximize ROI with additional modules for loss prevention, loyalty, and inventory
    • Easily manage multiple courses
    • Multilayered resilience model ensures that operations continue even when the internet is unavailable
    • Gives the ability to organize and consolidate business-critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards
    • Projects your labor needs by using existing and forecasted sales data, helping you more adequately staff to deliver the best restaurant experience to your guests.
      Epson TM-810

      Epson TM-810

      POS dedicated printer, accessible with high speed printing.

      The combination of its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation,
      make this Energy Star-qualified printer a must-have for hospitality industry.

      Epson TM-810