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Discover the story behind Bit Soft software products

Discover the story behind Bit Soft software products

We went full circle from the start providing end-to-end solutions for the hospitality industry with 24/7 dedicated support.

We are a 100% Romanian success story and a national market leader in our segment, but we have always dreamt big.

Bit Soft is now present in Hungary and Bulgaria with plans to expand to more countries.

We pride ourselves to have a skilful, innovative and dedicated team, as well as great partners and clients, who entrusted us to incorporate our solutions in their businesses.


Meet Our Team Management

Bogdan StanciuBogdan Stanciu
Founder and Managing Director
Doina CalcavuraDoina Calcavura
Director of Sales & Marketing
Laurent MichaudLaurent Michaud
Vice President Global Sales
Ruxandra CaraivanRuxandra Caraivan
Global HR Director
Ciprian RozoleanuCiprian Rozoleanu
Sales Director Romania
Flavia RodeanuFlavia Rodeanu
Chief Financial Officer
Delia TuicaDelia Tuica
Global Marketing Director
Laurentiu MateiLaurentiu Matei
Chief Technology Officer
“Our goal is to understand each client's needs and to present a tailored professional solution in a simple and non-technical way, followed by ongoing support. We strongly believe that our approach is the added value that will lead to strong partnerships between us and the clients from the hospitality industry, be it Romanian or international.”
Bogdan Stanciu
Founder and Managing Director of Bit Soft.

Our clients are the force behind our innovations

Since we started out in 1994, we’ve implemented more than 1500 projects

The collaboration between Ana Hotels and Bit Soft goes back more than 20 years. Bit Soft has always confirmed us that it was, and it is, the right choice for digital solutions in hotels, starting with the first project implemented. In the present time, all locations from Ana Hotels chain are using Bit Soft solutions, both for hotel and restaurant software. We highly recommend Bit Soft. For Ana Hotels chain, this company has won our trust as a partner and has proven to be a true leader in innovation in the HoReCa IT field.
Dan VolentirDan Volentir
General Manager
We use Bit Soft software solutions throughout the entire City Grill chain. Our team loved how easy to use are the Bit Soft products and the short accommodation time. Also, the Bit Soft softwares are allowing us to streamline our processes, reduce the losses and increase our sales. It is a package that only a market leader can offer for software products dedicated to the HoReCa industry. We can honestly say that the most important aspect of City Grill's collaboration with Bit Soft is the attention to our needs and those of our customers as well as the speed with which Bit Soft reacts to market requirements.
Daniel MischieDaniel Mischie
Success is a journey, not a destination. Our motto also applies to all the collaborations we have with our suppliers. We do not believe in short-term partnerships. When making a choice, we have demanding selections criteria, to make sure we have made the best decision for us and our customers. These criteria also applied to Bit Soft, our hotel software partner. Bit Soft proved that is a long-term partner and a leader in software solutions for HoReCa.
Ana-Maria VoineaAna-Maria Voinea
General Manager
From our need for digitalization, we chose Bit Soft's software solutions. We knew that Bit Soft is an innovator, market leader in software development for HoReCa. After 2 years of using these solutions, we can safely say that we made the right choice. The results were seen from the first months, with faster reaction time for order, marking and preparation.  We were pleasantly surprised when our customers praised our Taksim, Pep & Pepper and Boss Mini Burgers team's swiftness, and these appreciations, for us, are invaluable.
Taylan KirmanTaylan Kirman
Chief Financial Officer
The Breeze POS solution brought a superior coordination within our restaurants' teams and increased our customers' loyalty. The Kitchen Display System helped with reducing down to zero our error rate for serving the meals.
Adrian Zahariea Adrian Zahariea
General Manager
For us, the decision makers in collaboration with Bit Soft, represented both the need for a single provider for all locations as well as the safety and speed in the services provided by it.
In 2013, started the partnership between Kronwell and Bit Soft for hotel software, and Bit Soft gained our trust by solving all our requirements. We continued to grow, both on the hotel and on the restaurant side, currently having in our portfolio locations such as Papazaur - Dino Park restaurant, Kasho Lounge Cafe, or Bellman canteens. But we soon realized that, for the correct management of all properties, we needed a single software supplier, a single point of contact. Bit Soft met all the basic requirements and more - clear terms of collaboration, 24/7 support with fast resolving, software that adapts to the workflow in locations and automates manual tasks and last but not least, mobility. I am talking about mobility because, in the restaurant business, it was essential to improve the customer experience by taking fast and error-free orders at the table. And Bit Soft demonstrated us every time how easily it can adapt to any type of challenge!
Daniel PopescuDaniel Popescu
This is a Thank You note for Bit Soft team for their readiness and the professionalism in all the services you provided. The new Breeze interface and your help and dedication into pushing it into our organization helped to simplify our ordering process and directly impact customer satisfaction.
Răzvan ȘerbanRăzvan Șerban
I can say with confidence say that Breeze marking system, it is not just a POS. He is like a loyal employee, who helps me to have control at any time and from anywhere, over the entire activity in the location. The results have been visible after the first month of implementation! Operational processes were streamlined and sales increased by 15%, which came from increased control of inherent losses. For a pub, it is important the reaction time to the customer's order as well as the speed in marking the products while keeping clear and real-time records of sales and stocks. And Bit Soft software manages to meet and even exceed all these requirements.
Vintage PubVintage Pub
For us, at Rustic Restaurant, the complete solution Breeze and the Kitchen Display is a real help to be more efficient and competitive. We are extremely happy and for this we can recommend Bit Soft, the team and their services to anyone.
Călin Fărcaș Călin Fărcaș
General Manager
A collaboration of over 14 years, which started from a single hotel using Bit Soft solutions and continued with all 12 hotels in the Continental chain. Throughout the expansion period, it was important to have a single supplier for both the hotel management and the restaurant area, a supplier that adapts quickly and smoothly to all our needs. We turned to Bit Soft, the market leader for IT solutions in the hospitality industry, and we knew from the first project that we had made the right decision.
Radu EnacheRadu Enache
President & General Manager
We, at Pizza Hut, are fully committed to deliver excellence to our customers and we found out that Breeze and the whole ecosystem built by BITSOFT is a great tool that allows us to do so. The passion that drives us to offer the best products and services is entirelycomplemented by the functionalities of Breeze software system, built and implemented by BITSOFT, the market leader in HORECA digitalisation. We can now proud ourselves with efficiency increase, optimised operations, and perfectly satisfied and loyal customers, no matter if we are talking about dine-in, take away or delivery services. We couldn’t be happier with the decision we took to build this long-term partnership and we fully recommend them to any other HORECA business, of any size and type
Marius AlexandruMarius Alexandru
Chief technology officer Pizza Hut