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Restaurant without internet connection

Server based solution for stock inventory sistem.

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Independent chain of restaurants with warehouse

Integration with Havi or Metro and have complex supplying workflows.

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Reduces costly food expenses

With high acquisition price, by tracking waste and loss.

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Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is a comprehensive procurement, cost control and property inventory software, customized to meet the requirements of the hospitality industry.

The solution manages all property inventory, providing essential real-time information on cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals and stocking requirements, thus enhancing operational workflow and food cost management. Inventory management is now improved, due to real-time detailed data.


  • Real-time data tracking for cost of sales, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements
  • Authorization workflow to efficiently control potential expenses
  • Ability to compare prices and assess their impact on planned purchases
  • Calculates costs of losses, outages, and stocks in real-time. Tracks stock levels on a regular basis
  • Compares the prices and foresees the effect of placed buying orders on budget
  • Tracks the stocking conditions such as ambient temperature, expiration dates, and stocked volume
  • Manages the ordering, buying and stocking processes, so that meet budget projections
  • Has a B2B interface, which makes processes like placing and tracking an order faster and easier
  • Calculates the stock costs efficiently in situations, where multiple branches, currencies and fiscal systems are involved
  • Includes the stock costs into total budget calculations for you to create more profitable menus.


    • Guides management toward making inventory purchasing decisions that best meet cost objectives
    • Reduces costly food expenses by tracking waste and loss
    • Provides cost savings with detailed inventory tracking
    • Allows for faster and more accurate transaction processing with mobile solutions
    • Easily identify, compare, monitor and track inventory data: discrepancies are quickly revealed and can be efficiently solved
    • Daily sales data is automatically imported into the system from the point of sale system and will diminish stock based on associated recipes
    • Enhanced operational workflow
    • A variety of analyses are available: stock on hand and ordering templates
    • A smoother month-end reconciliation and accounting processes.