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Placing the order without a waiter

The customer can add products on the check, without waiter's intervention.

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Payment directly from the app

Payment can be done via credit card, directly from the application.

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Increasing loyalty

Loyalty system based on points or discount vouchers.

Mobile app – restaurant digital waiter

The table order functionality, helps businesses by facilitating the connection between the user and the operational team, from the waiter to the chef. Now, the order requirements that a customer has in the restaurant or in the cafe, can be sent directly by the customer, in real time, to the kitchen, without waiting the waiter to come to the table.

In addition, the application displays the same menu and configuration of products available in the cash register, which ensures the accuracy and correctness of the order.

The application supports in building a positive culinary experience, by eliminating momentary interruptions in the launch of the order or waiting for the waiter to change or pay the check.


  • Configuring the menu in just one place, common with the Breeze POS marking system
  • Customizing the customer experience using brand identity elements, product images, offers, news
  • Taking orders from customers on digital channels their transmission integrated in the sales or order preparation system in the kitchen
  • Support for different menus and prices between different locations
  • Support for different pictures and descriptions between locations
  • Possibility to set up a loyalty program to reward recurring customers
  • Granting discounts or products with special prices, which can be used in the restaurant
  • Modify the check by adding the wanted additional products to the initial order
  • Possibility to pay the note directly from the application by selecting one of the available forms of payment (cash, card, points).

    Key benefits for your business

    • Native integration with the cash register system and order management in the kitchen
    • Encourages ordering additional products directly from the customer phone
    • Eliminate mistakes caused by misunderstandings between customers and waiters by displaying the order and payment check directly on the customer's phone
    • Notification to both parties, waiter and customer, of changes brought to the initial order
    • Reduces waiting times for ordering or paying the check
    • In app payment with loyalty points or payment processor integration
    • Respecting the recommendations of social distancing, by limiting the number of interactions with the operational team.