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Kitchen from Restaurants

It can be adapted to restaurants of any size.

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Fast Food

Dedicated view by order number.

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Food Court

Display order status on customer-oriented monitors.

An organized kitchen, a healthy business!

KDS created by Breeze, is the most complex display system in the kitchen, fully integrated with Breeze POS.

It is extremely flexible and adaptable and one of the best HoReCa solutions for you to be sure that you always have an organized kitchen. One of the most important goals for your business is an excellent waiting service.

Bit Soft software sends you notifications to the POS when something is ready and waiting to be served. Imagine that you have just discovered the perfect employee, who is the most reliable data analyst, records everything and can give you valuable information on how to improve your offer, how to grow and take care of your business.


  • a KDS can operate independently or controlled by another KDS
  • Real-time synchronization between KDSs
  • Visual and audio notification (voice) for new orders or changes
  • Displaying the products at the sections, only when the preparation has to start
  • Can display products in a language other than the one used in Breeze, for foreign chefs
  • Operation in tranches, by a single action, on all products of the same kind
  • Setting stock products so that waiters can not order products that are no longer available
  • Viewing the division of products by people
  • The possibility to set Priority on certain commands
  • Waiters notify the KDS directly from Breeze which dishes should be removed and which should be delayed
  • The KDS sends to the waiter notifications regarding the status / completion of the preparation
  • Unlimited number of profiles depending on the time of day, rush hour, congestion, etc
  • Fast-food type view, with the selection of the preparer
  • Serving type view, with division by persons
  • Customer view, with the status of orders to know when the order is ready.

    Key benefits for your business

    • Everything the kitchen needs to know is displayed on the screen, at the right time
    • Each product shows on KDS when it’s time to be prepared, so that everything will be ready at the same time and the table will be perfectly served
    • Two way communication between Breeze and KDS means your staff takes less trips to the kitchen, spending more time taking care of customers
    • As every order is displayed on the screen, your kitchen staff no longer need to remember all items from all received orders
    • With kitchen and serving productivity reporting, managers identify operational issues in the kitchen or serving.