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Seasonal hotels

That have an intensive volume 3 - 6 months/year and need to reduce the check-in/out.

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Independent chains that needs a server based integrated solution

Server based integrated solution and not cloud - missing internet connectivity.

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Strong online presence

Only with Booking.com and Expedia and have big volumes from those online travel agencies.

Know your guest. Make smart decisions with your reservation system!

Your business will automatically start taking right decisions with the help of reliable access to crucial information. The server-based solution provides instant reports on the hotel’s occupancy levels, thus raising efficiency and boosting profits and revenues.

This hotel sftware has an user-friendly interface which ensures a more efficient time management during check-in and check-out.


  • Housekeeping: keep a direct connection between departments: cleaning, maintenance, and reception; you can view tasks, room status, minibar marking, lost & found.
  • Voyager: guest app for personalizing your stay: profiles, extra services, bill, hotel information
  • Protel on the tablet: allows access to the hotel from wherever it is accessed, we can view reservations, profiles, reports, available
  • Messenger: automated communication with guests: confirmation letter, pre-check-in reminder, post-stay marketing, promotions, birthday greetings
  • Navigator: you can reach any screen you want with one click: profile, reservation, billing
  • Group reservations: manage over 20 reservations in one place
  • Interactive list: view the list of arrivals/departures/reservations that you can filter by multiple criteria, print or export to Excel. You can also access reservations to make changes
  • Daily Rates module: very simple tariffs change on days/weeks or weekends
  • Rate Availability: you can apply different strategies to optimize your income and sell at the best price
  • Room type plan: hotel available and by room type/booking statistics: guaranteed, optional, waitlist
  • Room plan: a screen where you can view the bookings on each room and differentiate them by colors.


    • Hotel software which allows real-time tracking of housekeeping and maintenance
    • Pick and mix to suit your needs
    • Fully integrated Sales and Catering modules
    • Smart reports that can be accessed in real-time from any tablet device
    • Direct connection with GDS, OTA and Channel Manager
    • Direct and automated communication with guests
    • Mobile applications for employees and guests
    • Quick check-in where guests can fill out their profiles
    • Navigator: a screen from which we can access all the reservation information with a single click
    • Advanced monitoring of lost and found objects
    • Banqueting module that allows the management of corporate and private events in PMS
    • MSSQL Database, a stable and reliable Microsoft product.
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