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Best for

Intuitive interface

The intuitive and elegant interface allows easy use through native gestures and fast and effortless learning.

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Perfect integrated operational control

From receiving the order and sending it to the KDS in the restaurant kitchen.

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Restaurant with intense activity in delivering

Call center: helps the drivers / controls the delivery time.

Simple and efficient for you and your customers!

Whether you run a small fast food, a pub, a coffee shop or a chain of restaurants, the mobile POS Breeze is easy to use, intuitive and very friendly by eliminating the stress of complex orders.

This multi-property POS solution is amazing in terms of real-time recommendations, upsell proposals, complex discount mechanism and loyalty benefits.

This can only translate into customer satisfaction and high returning rate.

One of the best software for restaurants leverages the advantages of a mobile formula while offering you more functionalities than a traditional POS, with a high number of advantages coming from the newest technologies such as: mobility, allows facilitation, real-time reporting on all locations or real-time management of all locations, and it is always improved according to the cumulative needs of the customers.


  • It is for restaurants of any size, fast food, pubs, coffee and sweet shops
  • Multi-property, central configuration and real-time deployment and reporting
  • Real time recommendations, pre-defined ordering flows, upsell proposals, combo recognition
  • Promotions through complex discount rules, happy hour, combos with fixed or variable prices
  • The most powerful monitor system in the kitchen - KDS by Breeze
  • Loyalty & Customer relationship marketing (loyalty discounts, points, vouchers)
  • Remote email authorization for sensitive operations
  • Offline mode, peace of mind for when internet drops down
  • Time attendance
  • Cash management
  • Booking for online reservations as well as in the restaurant
  • Multiple images - can be uploaded as many images are needed for the products, waiters can always show to the customers the product pictures
  • Item availability - allows to set up the existing product stock and calculate and display the remaining stock in real time
  • Integrated with delivery and take away module
  • Restaurant software with reservation module.

    Key benefits for your business

    • Easy to learn in 30 minutes or less, no training costs
    • SaaS licensing, minimum initial investment
    • Wide range of Android devices, less expensive than traditional POS
    • Increases sales with recommendations, pre-defined ordering flows, upsell
    • Single point for easy configuration and deploys across multiple stores
    • Increases customer satisfaction and coming back rate with loyalty benefits
    • Mobility decreases ordering time and increases the table rotation rate
    • Real time communication with the kitchen, more time to spend with customers
    • Increases the organization level of the kitchen with Kitchen Display System
    • Easy to use, intuitive, navigation through gestures.
      Epson TM-810

      Epson TM-810

      POS dedicated printer, accessible with high speed printing.

      The combination of its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation,
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