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Oracle Hospitality Opera Cloud | BitSoft


Best for

Hotels with complex operations / hotel chains but also independent hotels

Real-time access to customizable reports according to your needs

Powerful rate query options for single and multi-property reservations

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS) is a leading hotel solution, providing all the tools, services, and connectivity options needed to run and grow a business.

OPERA Cloud Property Management simplifies IT and centralizes data, making information accessible to everyone, anywhere. With an open architecture, built-in integration services, and open APIs to accelerate innovation, the hotel cloud solution meets hoteliers’ needs, redefining the guest experience.


  • Front desk management: Opera Cloud allows hotel staff to quickly and efficiently manage reservations, check-in and check-out guests, assign rooms, and handle room changes and upgrades.
  • Room inventory management: With Opera Cloud, hotel staff can view and manage room availability, occupancy rates, and rates by room type.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) integration: Opera Cloud can integrate with POS systems to manage guest charges and track revenue from food and beverage sales.
  • Reporting and analytics: Opera Cloud provides detailed reports and analytics on key performance indicators such as revenue, occupancy, and average daily rate.
  • Guest relationship management: Opera Cloud allows hotels to manage guest profiles, preferences, and loyalty programs to personalize the guest experience and build strong loyalty.
  • Housekeeping management: Opera Cloud can help hotels to succesfully manage housekeeping tasks, such as room status, cleaning schedules, and room inspections.
  • Mobile functionality: Opera Cloud includes mobile apps for staff and guests to manage reservations, check-in and check-out, and access hotel services.
  • Security and compliance: Opera Cloud is designed with security and compliance in mind and supports industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    Benefits of using Opera Cloud

    • DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL GUEST EXPERIENCES through personalisation of services and possibility to engage and serve guests anywhere on property.
    • REDUCE CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES and improve efficiency by empowering your staff with real-time updates.
    • LEVERAGE GUEST PROFILES ensuring all guest preferences are recorded, making it easily available for hotel staff to access. Delivering personalized experiences is essential to win guest loyalty and drive loyalty program membership growth.
    • MAXIMIZE REVENUE WITH RATE MANAGEMENT. OPERA Cloud simplifies rate management, ensuring that revenue teams are equipped with the best tools to meet business objectives.
    • INCREASE MARGINS WITH EFFECTIVE CHANNEL MANAGEMENT. OPERA Cloud supports connectivity to leading global distribution systems and online travel agencies. It also gives hotels tools to manage pricing and allocate room inventory to all distribution channels, helping improve revenue, occupancy, and average daily rate.
    • INCREASED HOUSEKEEPING EFFICIENCY, with increased staff productivity, reduced costs and less human erors.
    • BOOST BOOKINGS AND EASILY MANAGE RESERVATIONS including self-service booking through the web by integrating with OPERA Web Services (OWS).