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Ordering and paying from the table without a waiter, simply by scanning a QR Code.

Order at the hotel restaurants and Room Service by scanning the QR code.

Beach bars, order from your sunbeds!

Locations with personnel problems.

Digital waiter ready to take orders and cash-in at any time

The perfect solution to allow customers to order and pay all by themselves, simply by scanning a QR code. This has the potential to generate greater sales since additional ordering is at the clients' fingertips with no need to call or wait for the waiter. The ultimate tool for room service orders or for customers on the beach, who can now order and pay directly from their sunbeds.


  • Easy orders – looks like a website, available on all phones.  
  • Easy payments - A customer can decide to pay his own order, the entire table or select which persons he wants to pay for – and the bill is created automatically.
  • Three menu templates available to choose from.
  • GPS VALIDATION - Validate the GPS positioning before allowing customers to place orders. NB: it requires users to allow the app. to access GPS data.
  • Call for waiter functionality
  • Loyalty and benefits functionalities - Customers can sign in and use vouchers, accumulate points and redeem points by paying their bill.
  • Multi language solution, for all your customers and waiters.

    Key benefits

    • Customer satisfaction and retention through fast service – orders go directly in the kitchen.
    • Increased revenues – you can have a bigger table rotation, with more customers daily plus the customers will order more, as ordering is easier through the app.  
    • Decreased cost with the personnel.
    • Increase of operational efficiency and better management of large terraces, food courts and locations with multiple serving areas.