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Fully integrated Web Booking engine

Where customers can reserve massage or treatments packages.

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Automatic customer communication

Through sms, to confirm or remind them about their booking.

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Business Reports

Creates efficient facility management with regular reporting.

Your clients – your most loyal ambassadors!

The Reservation Assistant is a booking management software, which boasts a wide array of features and is designed for booking and membership management for Spa & Wellness centers and other similar facilities.

It automatizes and accelerates procedures such as receiving and scheduling reservations and member tracking.

It assigns serving or assisting personnel according to services requested by guests.

It is also helpful in stock management for provided services. It manages and directs your reservations in the most effective way for your facilities.


  • Member Management - the software for sports centers offers great convenience in member management
  • Reservation Monitoring - it allows you to collect and manage the reservations you receive for your facility at a single point
  • The Golf Management module allows you to have control over all sessions. Apart from sessions, you can also book a certain coach, equipment or consumables
  • Business Reports - creates efficient facility management with regular reporting
  • Allows customization of the relation with the clients through the integrated CRM tool
  • Stock Tracking
  • Empowers your facility’s stock management by tracking the materials used in daily processes.


    • It is based on a clever booking module that makes the connection between all the aspects involved in a reservation
    • Prioritizes the staff members and the rooms through an efficient resource management module
    • Integrates all payments related aspects to offer a complete picture of the financials of the business
    • Can be integrated with external systems, has connections to access control systems, POS or financial management systems
    • The Retail module offers an integrated inventory solution, which is based on progressive technology
    • Increases efficiency and enables time-saving in processes such as reservations and personnel assignation
    • Enables better utilization of facility resources for an increase in profitability
    • It specifies the most preferred products and services, as well as peak and stagnant periods to help you correctly direct your investments and manage your personnel in the most effective way possible
    • Creates regular reports and electronically sends these reports to a device of your selection
    • It has a visual and simple interface
    • It is also a highly effective system in terms of customer relations and loyalty management.
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