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New Version of Delivery Platform for Pizza Hut Delivery

21 April 2021
Pizza Hut, in partnership with Bit Soft, launches the new versions of the Delivery platform and mobile application, improving the digital order placement experience.

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Why a Property Management System for Hotels?

04 December 2020
A hotel property management system (Hotel PMS) is the software that helps hotels to effectively organize, plan and manage the day-to-day operations and to access data and strategic reports.

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The traditional PoS versus the modern PoS

07 August 2020
Gone are the days when the PoS used in the restaurant was just a simple system, used for sales in a certain place.

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Busted Myths from Horeca industry

01 August 2020
We invite you to read the 5 myths related to restaurants and how they were busted.

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Choosing the POS marking system in the restaurant

01 July 2020
In a dynamic industry such as Horeca, it is important to identify the restaurant software that provides support in everyday challenges, keeping always up with the necessary operational changes.

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Your restaurant now has a new digital support!

12 May 2020
With modern smart devices and more and more businesses specializing in home delivery for food, customers are becoming more demanding. Adapt your business today to meet any market requirements.

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Your own online ordering platform!

23 April 2020
The right solution for the food delivery businesses as well as restaurants that offer order service. The advantage? Processing of an increased volume of orders, as well as reduced operational costs.

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