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Protel Air | Bit Soft

Protel Air | Bit Soft

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Protel Air is 100% operational in the Cloud

Perfect system to reduce costs with own IT infrastructure.

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Customizable reports

Real-time access to customizable reports according to your needs.

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Engage with the hotel brand

Offer to hotel guests an easy method to engage continuously with hotel brand.

Up in the cloud!

Protel Air is an extremely user-friendly hotel management software, 100% in cloud. It is as simply as it sounds: no additional hardware is required, no installation. An Internet browser gives you access to a reliable, scalable and secure customizable reservation system.

The cloud PMS software means real-time reporting and analytics, instant access to updates, yet robust and finely tuned toolset for the demanding professional.

A cloud native multi property management solution designed for hotels and accommodation businesses, that comes with a multitude of advantages: lower costs, reduced IT support and mobile friendly – it opens the world of mobile for staff and guests.


  • Displays daily check-in and checkout activity on a dashboard
  • Voyager: guest app for personalizing your stay: profiles, extra services, bill, hotel information
  • Messenger: automated communication with guests: confirmation letter, pre-check-in reminder, post-stay marketing, promotions, birthday greetings
  • Guest Profiles - structured tabs allow quick and easy access to addresses and contact details and provides the history of reservations and invoices for each guest, including graphs that show revenue generated up to the time of verification
  • Multi-functional room plan - you can quickly and easily book rooms for people or groups, you can change reservations as needed and you can access all the information about your guests
  • Keeps track of all housekeeping tasks - the housekeeping application connects the cleaning services, the maintenance team and the reception and facilitates the exchange of information around the state of the rooms
  • Active Desktop - presents structured lists for the most used data and allows immediate editing
  • Active List - sort by name, display, or hide certain columns or filters to define the information that need to be displayed
  • Reservations  -  8 methods to reserve in Protel Air (room plan, room type plan, enquiry, walk in, guest search, guest profile, copy via active list, copy via reservation dialog)
  • Web-based SaaS solution.


    • Real-time tracking of housekeeping and maintenance
    • Use the software from anywhere and at any time
    • Fully integrated Sales and Catering modules
    • Generate reports easily at any time
    • Customizable screens according to your needs
    • Friendly interface and easy to use
    • Integrations with a wide range of hotel systems
    • Mobile application access for guests and staff
    • The native app is available for both iOS and Android devices, with automatic updates available when new features are introduced.
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