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Best for

Superior digital experience

Provides customers / potential customers of your brand a superior experience.

Conversion rate

The platform has a specially designed flow, to increase the conversion rate.

Intuitive order flow

Your customers will enjoy the ease in the online ordering process.

Your own online ordering platform!

The right solution for the food delivery businesses as well as restaurants that offer order service. The advantage? Processing of an increased volume of orders, as well as reduced operational costs.

Our experience covers local and international brands of dine-in and delivery for all types of business: dine-in, take-away, delivery. The technology developed by us brings you clarity and ease in developing and growing your business.


  • Set up the daily menu in one place, in the same place with the Breeze POS marking system
  • Configure the delivery zones as well as the variable parameters: delivery cost, delivery time, rules between locations, minimum ordering threshold, location delivery schedule
  • Customizing the user experience using elements of brand identity, product images, offers, news
  • Taking orders from customers on digital channels (web, mobile-web) and sending them integrated in the system of selling or preparing orders in the kitchen
  • Offering features for product customization (example: pizza), offers with several products or of different typologies (1 + 1, one of two pizzas at 5 EUR, etc.) or discount codes
  • Support for different menus and prices between different locations
  • Support for identifying the customer's device address and automatically checking if it is in the delivery area.

    Key benefits for your business

    • Stimulating sales with Upsell, Delivery or Take Away
    • Operational care efficiency eliminates operating errors
    • Reducing exposure to aggregators regarding to commissioned sales and controlling the customer relationship
    • Efficient operations by configuring in a Cloud platform the sold product menu, zones and delivery parameters
    • Complementing the revenues from the restaurant with those obtained through the order delivery service
    • Profiling customers by behavior in a GDPR compliant way and attracting them to return using loyalty or discount functionality.