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Bit Soft portfolio dedicated to Cloud solutions

Publicat pe 27 August 2019

Bit Soft offers cloud based solutions for hotels and restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Hotel management: Protel Air

Food & Beverage: Cloud mobile POS - Breeze  and Cloud POS Oracle Simphony

The smart solution KeepApp ensures stock management.

Companies face continuous and accelerated growth, due to the evolution of technology and its applicability in all areas. Users are constantly connected with different IT devices - mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops. Basically, we live in a society with permanent Internet access.

In this context, the concept of client-server has been extended to this new notion of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage means storing files, applications, and databases on state-of-the-art servers with high capacity, located in different locations around the world.

The additional costs for purchasing servers and licenses are greatly reduced.

Software services also migrate to Cloud solutions, which allows the purchase of software as a Service (SaaS) licensing services. Compared to the classic licensing in which a software is purchased entirely, the costs being considered CAPEX, the SaaS-type licensing allows the "rental" of the software and the monthly payment, which translates into minimizing the initial investment and transferring the cost to operational expenses (OPEX). Cloud services with SaaS licensing are more flexible and easily adaptable to the real needs of companies, various modules, functionalities or parts of the software can be activated or deactivated on demand in real time.

Advantages of cloud solutions, SaaS licensing:

• Minimum initial investment in licenses

• Minimizing the costs for the IT infrastructure

• Quick access to data at any time, regardless of location

• Scalability: Cloud services are the ideal services for companies facing rapid growth or decrease depending on market requirements

• Enables remote operations and system configuration

• Data synchronization is much simplified

• The data is secure

• Environmentally friendly - due to the reduction of the number of equipments on site, the energy consumption is reduced, thus becoming a solution with low impact on the environment.