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BITSOFT Team Building 2023

Publicat pe 11 July 2023

Teamwork makes the dream work!

BitSoft organised a team building session on 23-25 June in a beautiful setting: Phoenicia Blue View, Olimp resort. The activities were animated and supported by the presence of professional trainers from Team Stories.

During this team building, participants were encouraged to take part in impromptu shows with the aim to support their spontaneity and creativity, but also to create together memorable team stories.

The objectives of the teambuilding included: creating a safe space to get to know colleagues on a deeper level through meaningful discussions, the joy of making an artistic product together, encouraging personal stories to find common ground and stimulate communication, but also integrating new members and creating a team identity.

Sharing our actions and thoughts in this way facilitated team development using theatrical and improvisational techniques towards our common goal of connecting with each other, realizing the importance of teamwork, but also pushing our own boundaries. 

Thank you Team Stories for the professionalism and unique moments created as a team!