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BREEZE Referral Program

Publicat pe 20 July 2023

Over the last thirty years, most of our customers have appreciated BITSOFT products and services and have recommended them to others, which has helped us to be recognized as a market leader in the field of HORECA software solutions in Romania.

On this occasion, we launched an invitation to all our customers, who want to become BREEZE ambassadors - the most powerful Romanian marking system for HORECA locations. They can recommend us to their partners and friends in the industry, and we will reward them for their help with 500 euros net for each contract signed.

All they have to do is send us the contact details of the person they recommended Breeze to and we will take the discussion further. When the contract is signed they will be notified and we will carry out the payment formalities.

Thank you once again to all our customers, we invite them to become BREEZE ambassadors and look forward to their recommendations!