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New Version of Delivery Platform for Pizza Hut Delivery

Publicat pe 21 April 2021

Pizza Hut, one of the leading players in the local market in the segment of full-service restaurants, in partnership with Bit Soft, the leader in IT solutions for the local industry HoReCa, have developed the new versions ​​of the mobile application and online ordering platform Pizza Hut Delivery, out of the desire to offer consumers an improved experience. Focusing on the brand's digitalization strategy and the current needs of the HoReCa industry, starting this month, customers will be able to order their favorite products through updated platforms.

Currently, orders taken through the mobile application and the online platform form a total of 30% of the brand's total sales, a percentage of which is constantly updated by the technological solutions used.

“Pizza Hut is a brand that has managed to constantly reinvent itself over the 27 years of existence on the local market. Out of the desire to meet customers with the best products and services adapted to their needs, we try to combine our passion for the kitchen with innovation and the latest digital solutions. Together with our partners from Bit Soft, we are glad to be able to present to our consumers the updated versions of the online ordering platform and the mobile application, which will certainly offer them an experience according to their expectations ", declared Adrian Hulubescu, General Manager Pizza Hut Romania.

“We are pleased to find in Pizza Hut a reliable partner, concerned with the needs of the customers, who have been served with dedication for more than 14 years. The HoReCa industry is a constantly changing industry, bringing with it a new consumer profile, much more oriented towards a fast and intuitive order flow. A performance indicator, which weighs in the final decision to buy a product or not, is the actual time spent on the platform to place the food order”, said Bogdan Stanciu, CEO of Bit Soft Group.

A new experience of placing orders. 

The new versions of the online ordering platform and the mobile application (available for both Android and iOS) offer a different experience for placing orders online. Among the most important aspects that customers benefit from, are:

• Order flow much easier to follow, that simplifies the overall process;

• User experience adapted to customer needs - the possibility to place the order at a future time;

• New interface, easy to use and optimized especially for smartphones;

• Redirecting orders from one location to another, depending on the delivery area, in exceptional cases (valid for both orders placed during the day and at night);

• High flexibility in terms of offering promotions and discounts: offers per day, “buy 1, get 1 free” offers, etc.

The partnership between Pizza Hut and Bit Soft was formed 14 years ago, with the opening of the first delivery restaurant in Romania, thus being the first customer to benefit from the Bit Soft marking system. The collaboration was a success for both parties, and at this moment Pizza Hut is present in Romania with 18 delivery centers.