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Why a Property Management System for Hotels?

Publicat pe 04 December 2020

Although the current period has led to many changes in the usual behaviour of Horeca consumers, it has also created new business opportunities. Now, there is a much greater openness to travel around the country or to carry out daily work in a different place, i.e. work from home, implemented by more and more employers.

All these changes, in order to provide sustainability to the business, need a mix between the human component and the digital component. The latter is mainly represented by hotel management software, which can offer to the hotel business an immediate adaptation to the rapid market changes.

The PMS software enables the hotels, from small to medium and large ones, independent or hotel chains, to manage the workflow at the front desk, i.e.

  • Reservation
  • Guest check in and check out
  • Room management
  • Housekeeping
  • Reporting
  • Customer profile

by ensuring a permanent communication between the departments.

All these features of the hotel software help the staff to strategically coordinate the operational functions of all departments. A hotel PMS automates and streamlines the operations, saves hours assigned for hand-picked data and manual reporting, and helps the staff to know the customers better.

Who works directly with the hotel software?

Hotel Client

First of all, the customers use the hotel software for online booking by various channels, online check-in, as well as to immediate add certain additional services, even during his/her stay.


The hotel software provides real-time access, including from the mobile phone, to evolution reports, occupancy rate, forecast, budget deviations, so that the business owner always has an overview of the daily activity and can make the right decisions for business.

General Manager

The increase of revenues also means the adaptation of rates according to the local events and level of occupancy, so that the hotel software has been adapted and made available the rate policy module for the facilitation of the hotel activity. In addition, the hotel software provides operational reports, revenue reports, booking report, occupancy and guest history, night audit report, etc., necessary for an overview of the business and future decisions.

Front desk staff

The modern hotel PMS enables the booking registration regardless of the channel of origin, keeps notes about customer preferences and allows quick change of reservations at any time.


The hotel software sends real-time alerts to the cleaning department and offers the possibility to plan the cleaning activities in advance.

Hotel Software Integrations

Online Booking - Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Travel Agencies. The availabilities and rates are updated according to the restrictions, in real time, on all online channels, and the bookings from the online environment are captured and processed using a single interface.

In addition, the hotel management software must be compatible with the accounting interfaces, the room access control system, the PAY-TV management or the telephone exchange, as well as with the restaurant/cafe/bar – the POS terminal placed in the restaurant.

The two-way communication is a key element for any hotel owner

The modern hotel software also integrates marketing modules through which they can quickly provide various types of information to customers and customize the content offered to them. The client can customize his/her accommodation, receive information on packages and promotional offers, check and edit his/her personal profile, check-in using Passbook or QR codes, etc.