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Your restaurant now has a new digital support!

Publicat pe 12 May 2020

Since the implementation of protection measures against Covid-19, the entire business environment had suffered changes and needed to adapt. Most restaurants were put in the situation of temporarily stopping their activity, or, they decided not to give up and to continue their activity by moving the business to online services, focusing on orders with home delivery.

Over 70% of online orders come from mobile phones.

Moving the business to online envionment can be a real challenge for both owner as well as for employees. Implementing the own home ordering solution, integrated with POS system, kitchen display and the need to keep the food delivered to the customer warm, can raise several questions.

Our solutions offer you much more! You can convince yourself at a free demo.

Why do we say that? Instead of just giving the answer, please think about how it would be if your restaurant, cafe, fast food location, would have its very own website for delivery and take away? With an interactive platform that could allow customers to immediately access the complete menu of the location, various offers and promotions or the latest news of their favorite brand? And what would it be like to be able to offer them a fast ordering flow, which materializes in the placement of orders and even with a further recommendation to friends and family?

When the food&beverage industry will cover all the criterias to reopen, including your restaurant, you will notice that you have not lost your loyal customers, as you were close to them through the digital platform. In addition, the online presence offers a wide exposure and can open new horizons for attracting customers who do not yet know you!

The online environment is the future for your business, and Bit Soft solutions have been designed and developed as a fully integrated package down to the last detail, so as to streamline the entire ordering flow, from delivery and take away to dine-in (when it will be safe enough to reopen locations).

The Delivery solution allows you to take, manage, deliver, and collect all orders regardless of where they come from (points of sale, call center, online).

The eCommerce solution is the way to your own online ordering platform, following a natural order flow and customized according to the location brand.

The Mobile Application - Egenda - allows the placement of food orders both off-site and on-site and increases customer loyalty.

And the Kiosk (the right solution when the restaurants will reopen), offers the business the opportunity to take a high number of orders and to reorganize the operational team to properly manage all requests.

Be ahead of the competition!